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OK, while not exactly NY sports fan "gear" -- still bikes are things that sports fans generally love to have. And, you don't have to buy gas to make them go!

If you compare this decade with the decade of 1990’s, you will realize that the former is technologically more advanced than the later. Today, we have many manufacturing companies of bikes, which are selling their innovatory product in the market at different prices. Not only this, but companies are manufacturing different types of bicycle like mountain bikes, touring bikes, electric bikes, hybrid, racing bikes and bikes for many other purposes. Every company is trying to excel its competitor by introducing innovatory bikes, which has made a bike industry very competitive market.

Let’s talk little about two key types of bikes. Mountain bikes are the bikes that are used by professional riders and by those who want to ride a bike for fun. This is the reason why these bikes should be durable so that they can perform well in rough and uneven areas. On the contrary, road bikes are manufactured to ride on the road whether for leisure cycling or for racing. These bikes are lighter as compared to others and have high-pressure tyres to lessen the resistance of roads. This bike type is designed to offer extreme comfort to the rider so that he can concentrate on the traffic.

In this article, an attempt is made to talk about bikes generally so that you will get plenty of information about bikes before buying one for you. If you are a new racer, then you should select the bike that performs well on roads and will also be able to climb foot hills. In addition to this, the bike you select must have a very high quality braking system, and this is only possible with very strong wheel sets. The braking system of all types of bike should be extremely sophisticated as it is responsible for the comfortable and rough ride. So before buying a bicycle for racing you should make sure whether its wheel sets are rolled well or not. This is necessary because wheel sets are only strong when they are rolled very smoothly.

Your racing bike should also be capable of performing superbly while riding on the plains or crossing corners at very high speed. This should be the necessary quality in your bike because mountain climbing is not possible without these features. If you are searching for the bike that can cover long distance journey comfortably, then you should select the one that is not only responsive but also very fast. In addition to this, the frame of such bikes should be light but stiff as heavy weight bike cannot give high level performance.

If you do not want a light weight bike, then you should go for a medium-weight frame instead of high because this bike type will give you good results on trails. The reliability of the brand is also an important point. This is necessary because many bike manufacturing brands are available in the market.

In brief, you should select the bike that suites your purpose and for this you need to check its weight, brakes, tyres and of course wheel set very carefully because all these components jointly will make your ride a comfortable time. For more information you can visit

And, enjoy your bike!

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