The Big Tourney is Almost Here

by Jenna

March Madness is right around the corner and there are always a few very strong teams from the New York region. Even though, New York is home to 21 Division One NCAA Men's Basketball teams, most of them are not very good and none are elite outside of Syracuse. However, some will make the big dance this year and fans can enjoy watching their favorite teams from New York compete. Whether you enjoy filling out a basketball bracket or any other fun giveaway brackets like 21st Insurance March Madness you should keep an eye on some NY teams.

None of the tournament games will be played in New York this year, but fans can enjoy the Big East Conference Championship at Madison Square Garden as a warm up for the larger tournament. Watching a New York team in the tournament this year will require fans to travel, but it's certainly worth it. Here's a breakdown of the top teams from New York and whether they have a shot at making it into March Madness or not.

Top New York NCAA Basketball Teams

1. Syracuse

Syracuse is by far the best New York team with at top 25 ranking and a competitive record in the Big East Conference. Syracuse won't make the big tournament as a number one seed, but they're most likely going to land somewhere between a three seed and a six seed. Much of their fate depends on how they perform in the Big East Tournament and a couple wins there could land Syracuse a two or three seed in the tournament.

2. Stony Brook

With over 20 wins for the season, Stony Brook has an outside chance of making the tournament. They could seal their fate by winning the America East Conference Championships, which is never easy, but they are at the top of the conference. They don't have any huge wins over ranked opponents, which means they may need a conference championship victory to make the tournament.

3. St. John's

Without a good performance in the Big East Conference Tournament, St. John's probably won't make it into the tournament. However, if they do, they could cause trouble for some of the better teams because of the style of ball they play. If they make the tournament, make sure to consider them as an upset favorite in your bracket.

4. Niagara or Canisius

Chances are good that either Niagara or Canisius will win the MAAC championship and make it into the tournament. They represent two of the top three teams in the conference and either one could cause some trouble for a first round opponent in the big dance.

5. Albany

With over 20 wins this year, Albany could make the big dance. Of course, they have a chance to win the America East, but Stony Brook is standing in their way. Without a conference championship, they may struggle to get into the big dance.

New York doesn't have many really good men's basketball teams this year and Syracuse is far above the talent of any other team in the state. They have the best chance of going deep in the tournament, but a Cinderella story from Stony Brook, Niagara, Canisius or Albany is always possible.

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